Easy healthy eating tips for weight loss

August 3, 2012 0

When your stomach literally starts showing you all the yummies you have indulged yourself with, this ain’t no fun at all. But don’t make the mistake most ladies whose skinny jeans don’t fit them anymore come down to – try not to stop eating at all. Otherwise you risk gaining even more weight and turn yourself into a pudgy mama. Study the easy healthy eating tips and strategies below and give some thought to your body’s future…

Eating strategy 1: eat smart, drink more

Feel like eating? Avoid giving in to this temptation, especially if you’ve had a snack recently. Best advice: have a glass of water instead. It’s interesting that people often think they are hungry when they are thirsty. Make sure you don’t drink your calories though – your drinking choice should be water, not sweetened beverages such as pop and fruit drinks.

healthy eating tips for weight loss

Eating strategy 2: do not eat in front of the TV

It’s a nice way to relax and forget about your problems, but it’s also a great way to get distracted from being full and eat a lot more than your lovely butt really needs. Experts say you should switch off that TV and focus on your meal. Don’t gobble. Chew your food thoughtfully and keep in mind that your current life strategy is healthy eating for weight loss. While eating, put the fork/spoon down from time to time – you will become more aware of how much you’re eating.

Eating strategy 3: use your fork wisely

If you are right-handed, put the fork or spoon in your left hand. Using the non-dominant hand while eating slows the process down. It enables you to concentrate at the amount of food you are stuffing yourself with. Recent research shows that if you follow this advice, you will become more strong-willed and determined. Especially once you see the results of following the whole complex of eating advice we’ve provided for you.

eating tips for weight loss

Eating strategy 4: don’t drink your fruits

Did you know that one orange contains more calories than 250 ml of orange juice? It’s true when it’s about most fruits. So think twice before sipping juice instead of eating whole fruit. What is more, whole fruit gives you more fibre which means you will stay full longer. So why not keep a bowl of fruit on your table on a regular basis! You can even sometimes indulge in eating your fruits in front of your favourite TV show (not too often though!).

Eating strategy 5: monitor your ‘eatings’

So far our healthy eating tips for women have been quite simple, haven’t they? The next one is crystal clear and equally easy to follow: know how much you’ve eaten during a meal. Don’t know how to do that? It’s easy: eat from a bowl. Eating from a bowl will help you see the exact amount of food you’ve consumed. If you don’t monitor your ‘eatings’, your chaotic meals might as well ‘earn’ you a few more extra pounds. You don’t want that, do you?

simple healthy eating advice for women

Eating strategy 6: eat less but more often

If you go five or more hours between your meals, it may cause overeating at the next meal. That’s why you should avoid long breaks between your meals. It doesn’t mean you should satisfy your sweet tooth whenever your cravings kick in, just eat less but more often. Avoid chocolate and balance your snacks with fruit, vegetables and just a few whole grain cookies. You do know that nuts work very well as a snack that makes you full and recharges your brain batteries, don’t you?

Another simple eating strategy implies boiled potatoes with olive oil and herbs on top. It’s a cheap and satisfying snack you can easily cook even when you’re in an awful hurry. Avoid being a couch potato – since we’re touching upon the subject of this nutritious vegetable. You should know that most healthy eating tips for weight loss work best if combined with regular exercise, so give some thought to your muscles’ future as well. Don’t think too long and don’t wait until tomorrow. Start working out today!

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