Gummy bear implants vs. silicone implants

September 26, 2013 0

There are a lot of undeniable benefits of gummy bear breast implants compared to the (already) traditional silicone and saline breast enhancement options. But does it mean that gummy bear implants are much better than standard silicone gel implants or than saline implants? No qualified plastic surgeon can give you a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to this question.

The thing is, whether your surgeon will recommend gummy bear implants to you or not will depend on a lot of factors: your figure, age, skin characteristics, and personal preferences. Gummy bear implants may be perfect for one woman and not at all appropriate for another. What’s more, certain cons of gummy bear implants often prevent them from becoming a woman’s best option.

gummy bear implants vs silicone implants

Let’s look at the results of the gummy bear implants vs. silicone implants comparison:

  • shape: unlike standard silicone implants, ‘gummy bears’ maintain their shape without being subjected to gravity
  • feel: in the majority of cases gummy bear implants feel soft and natural, while standard silicone implants feel firm and somewhat foreign
  • rippling: because of their dense consistency, gummy bear implants don’t ripple like their standard silicone and saline counterparts
  • rapture and leakage: the rupture rate of the gummy bear implants is lower than that of their counterparts; even if a gummy bear breast implant ruptures, if won’t leak due to its dense consistency
  • capsular contracture: gummy bear implants are reported to have a lower incidence of this breast implant complication

As for other risks potentially associated with the gummy bear implants, they are similar to that of their standard silicone and saline ‘cousins’: loss of breast sensation, pain, bruising, swelling, infection and soreness. Bear in mind that some of the above mentioned side effects (pain, soreness, bruising etc.) are to be expected as part of nearly any surgery.

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