How to prepare for breast augmentation

October 24, 2013 0

We recommend that you prepare for your surgery well in advance. It will ensure that you have done (and bought) all that you need and are now 100% ready to make a change you’ve been aiming at for so long . So how to prepare for breast augmentation surgery? First, you will need to consult with your surgeon about the results you are expecting – your preferred size, shape and type of implants. Also your doctor will discuss incision choice and implant location with you.

Second, after the initial consultation, you might need lab tests or a baseline mammogram before the surgery. It depends on the surgeon, your age and your health concerns that might need further investigation. Before you book a surgery date, you will need to schedule your preoperative appointment. A preoperative appointment is organized to help you prepare for the surgery even better and have all your remaining questions answered.

how to prepare for breast augmentation

Your doctor will tell you about the best implants for you – based on your body type and surgery goals. It’s possible that he will recommend gummy bear breast implants as the safest option. He will also tell you about surgical techniques and options he will use when carrying out an operation. Your surgeon might also adjust certain meds before the operation. Make sure you find a good surgeon who treats his patients with utmost care, because it will determine your recovery time.

Breast augmentation preparation tips

Ensure any prescription meds have been filled and are placed within reach. Discuss with your surgeon when you will be able to start driving a car, enjoying your intimate life and working out after the surgery. Prepare your identification and a small bag for meds and paperwork, you will need these things on the day of your breast enhancement procedure.

Some more tips to help you prepare for breast augmentation:

  • if you are a smoker, your doctor will ask you to stop immediately for some time before and after the operation
  • abstain from taking aspirin, herbal supplements and anti-inflammatory medications, because they can worsen bleeding
  • eat healthy and avoid drinking alcohol a couple of days prior to your breast enhancement surgery
  • avoid especially vigorous physical activity the day before the procedure
  • do not eat or drink anything (including water) after midnight the night before the operation
  • when showering the night before the surgery, wash your surgical sites with antibacterial soap
  • refrain from wearing any makeup, lotions, creams or moisturizers (including deodorant or perfume) on the day of your surgery
  • you may brush your teeth the morning of your breast enlargement procedure
breast augmentation preparation tips

Make sure that breast augmentation preparation in your case includes asking someone to drive you to and from your procedure. Ask a responsible friend or relative to stay with you for the first day after the operation. If you have small kids, make arrangements for their care as well. Take a few days off from work to rest and speed up recovery after breast augmentation surgery. Follow your doctor’s instructions.

Preparing yourself for breast implants psychologically

It’s very important to prepare yourself psychologically for getting breast implants. First and foremost, you should be prepared that you may not get amazing breasts right after you roll out of surgery. You will have to go through bruising, swelling and breast augmentation pain. Some women experience side effects that are rather severe: infection, loss of sensation, hematoma, rippling etc.

When preparing for breast augmentation, make sure you realize that:

  • breast implants are not forever
  • they won’t save your breasts from sagging
  • implants might affect breastfeeding
  • insurance might not cover them
  • one of the risks with breast implants is that you might need further surgeries: due to complications, need for breast lift or other corrective procedures
preparing for breast augmentation

Surgical breast enhancement can give you great results. But there are a lot of cons of getting breast implants, and you should be aware of them all. When helping you prepare for breast augmentation, your surgeon may provide postoperative bra. Be prepared to get your mind busy with things of interest such as movies, magazines, or books. Be psychologically ready for postoperative pain and discomfort.

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