Pre and post exercise nutrition: FUEL your workouts

August 4, 2012 0

Did you know that there are foods that can fuel your training? They are healthy and effective enough to decrease your appetite, tighten your body and repair your sore muscles after exercising. Five ultimate ingredients making up the best pre and post exercise nutrition can help you make the most of the effect of your workout session. Next time you exercise don’t forget about these foods to power your workouts:

  • pumpkin seeds: they stave off muscle soreness and pump up your heart
  • peanuts: if you eat them within 60 minutes after the workout, they’ll work wonders with your muscles and boost muscle-building processes in your body. Peanuts (as well as other protein-rich nuts) are also a great pre workout fuel that prevents hunger
  • dried blueberries or raisins: power your muscles and help you stay strong while exercising
  • brown rice cereal and rolled oats: they can become your muscles’ best fuel giving your body an extra edge when you work it out
  • dark chocolate chips: this yummy pre and post workout fuel increases your leg strength, provides staying power and boosts blood flow. As for the health benefits of dark chocolate as well as its disadvantages, you can look them up in another post
pre and post exercise nutrition

You can use all these ingredients to make energy bars for your amazing pre and post workout food for weight loss. But don’t get carried away eating your energy bars. Your post-exercise body does need some fuel to build muscle, but eating too many calories can make your weight loss mission forever incomplete. Exercise should be organically combined with eating less calories for your slimming goal to be achieved.

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