Pros and cons of getting breast implants

September 24, 2013 0

Most women who go in for breast implants are not satisfied with their bust size. There are, however, other situations and reasons why women want to get breast implants. One of them is reconstructive breast enhancement in women recovering from cancer and mastectomy. Another situation concerns women who are interested in having surgery for the purpose of breast asymmetry correction. You can learn more about this condition in one of our previous posts.

If you’re considering whether to get breast enhancement surgery, you must be thinking a lot about the pros and cons of breast implants. As with any serious surgery, there are a lot of potential health risks involved. A lot of women are ready to overcome all their fears and go for the cosmetic surgery for the sake of improving their figure. Even if you’re one of them, you should still learn about the pros and cons of this type of plastic surgery.

pros and cons of breast implants

So what are the pros of breast augmentation? Find them listed below:

  • improvement in self-esteem: you will feel more confident and womanly after getting your pre-baby breasts back
  • looking good no matter what you’re wearing: every bra that didn’t fit before will look great after breast enhancement – not that you will always need a bra after the procedure…
  • feeling sexier around your partner: you won’t be shy about your tatas anymore
  • feeling better naked: you will feel better about your body in general
  • no more flat chest: although some natural ways to enlarge breasts are said to be quite effective, they still won’t make your girls 2 or 3 sizes bigger

It happens that the pros of breast enlargement are mostly psychological. While the cons of breast implants happen to be closely connected to women’s physical condition:

  • anxiety before going under the knife: it’s justified, especially if you research about the risks of breast augmentation
  • scarring, infection, anesthesia, rupture, loss of sensation: they are just a few possible side effects (and cons) of getting breast implants
  • the possibility of not getting the results you’re looking for
  • potential risk of having more (corrective) surgeries
  • having something unnatural in your body
  • not being able to perform certain physical exercises
  • high cost of breast augmentation surgery: especially if you choose a good clinic, an experienced plastic surgeon and the best breast implants to get
pros and cons of breast augmentation

If you’re worried about the cons of getting breast implants, you can talk to your surgeon about the alternative ways of breast enhancement. One of them is called fat transfer breast augmentation. It’s a surgical procedure that suggests injecting your own fat (normally removed through liposuction from your abdomen or inner thighs) into your breasts. This method is not as effective as breast implants, but it can prevent many of the cons we’ve listed above.

Now that we’ve informed you about the most common pros and cons of breast enlargement, we leave the decision to your own judgment. Before you feel too upset about the cons to make your breast enlargement dream a reality, talk to a plastic surgeon. A good specialist will help you through your anxiety and fears by recommending the best type of procedure for you. If you want to learn how to enlarge your breasts naturally, read other posts on

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