Reasons for exercising: why do we need to work out?

August 21, 2012 0

If you don’t exercise, you run the risk of feeling worse than you should. There are lots of good reasons for exercising on a regular basis, but not everyone takes them seriously. Physical activity gives you strength, both mental and physical. It allows you to release stress and lose lots of extra pounds. Regular exercising is one of the best ways to improve overall health and even become more creative.

People work out on a regular basis to look better and feel fabulous. At first your sore muscles will try to prove you wrong but once you get used to exercising you will enjoy the very feeling of tightening and toning your body. So why do we need to work out as often as we can? Make the most of exercising once you study the following scientifically proven health benefits of working out on a daily basis.

Reason 1. Start exercising if you want to live longer

You’re one lucky devil if your life is physically active. Because if you work on your abs, legs, bum and other areas daily, the risk of facing premature death decreases dramatically. Need more motivation? Read on!

reasons for exercising

Reason 2. Feeling brain-dead? Working out will unleash your brilliance!

If you have difficulty remembering things or learning something new, you can sort out this problem by regular exercise. Working out stimulates the formation of brain cells (neurons) and contributes to their ‘close friendship’. As a result, it boosts your memory and enhances your learning skills. Click here if you want to find out what else can effectively stimulate your brain activity.

Is dementia something you don’t want to face when you grow old? Get up and start your work-out now. If you still don’t see yourself as a grandma, just look at Candice Swanepoel’s gorgeous body. She wasn’t born with all those perfect muscles, she had to work hard to get them all ready and glowing. Make the most of Candice’s exercise tips if you want to enjoy the benefits of healthy lifestyle here and now.

why do we need to work out

Reason 3. Prevent heart disease by exercising

If you want to live a happy healthy life and die of old age instead of suffering a nasty heart disease, consider shaking your body and exercising your muscles more often. Exercising strengthens your heart which in its turn pumps more blood with less effort. As a result, your happy ticker has a 41% higher chance to run like a clock (don’t forget, the numbers are based on scientific research).

Reason 4. Lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and risk of stroke

Physical exercise contributes to converting the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol to its more acceptable form, such as HDK-cholesterol. Regular work-outs reduce your blood pressure which is another great benefit, especially for people with weight problems. What is more, exercising prevents strokes. So make sure your body is flexible enough to at least easily climb the stairs or bend down to the floor when you’re over 50. You may also want to find out how to eat less, live longer and combine the whole thing with healthy daily workouts.

Reason 5. Strengthen your muscles, lose weight and look hotter

If you want your inner thighs to wobble around like jelly, keep feeding them with doughnuts and lame excuses. If you want to do something about it, do it now. Combining exercising with healthy eating strategies is the best way to lose weight and literally feel the beauty of your body to later see it in the mirror. Regular physical activity boosts your metabolism. It means that even if you enjoy your favorite chocolate benefits every day, you will manage to maintain a healthy weight.

reasons to work out

Although some tricks and ways to dress to look thinner are incredibly effective, you won’t feel the guilty need in them if you work out. Yes, painting your nails and choosing the right ‘slimming’ clothes is so much easier than sweating it out at the gym, but believe it or not, the latter feels better. You don’t need to lie to yourself and others to look stunning. What is more, regular exercises even strengthen your bones preventing osteoporosis.

Reason 6. Exercising improves your night sleep and sex life

When your muscles are weak and your body doesn’t feel right, your sex drive leaves much to be desired. Once you start working on your muscles, develop endurance and exercise cardiovascular function, you will feel the improvement of your sex life. Both enhanced sex function and regular exercises will work wonders with your sleep. Start working out and you’ll feel the difference by achieving the healthiest sleep ever. When you do, don’t forget to send us a ‘Thank You’ note by commenting on this post!

Reason 7. Working out is your energetic NO to stress and depression

If you want to release stress and alleviate depression, a good work-out session is the best way to do it. Exercising releases endorphins into your blood stream which gives you the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Want to significantly soothe your depression symptoms? You’ll need at least half an hour of exercise a day for at least 3 to 5 days a week. Got time only for a short-term boost in the mood? 10 to 15 minutes of physical activity will work wonders with your current view on life. Don’t forget about your pre and post exercise nutrition to fuel your training sessions.

why do people need exercise

A few more tips on how to relieve stress by exercising:

Missing someone? Call them. Go work out now!

Want to meet them? Invite them over. Go work out now!

Feeling misunderstood? Explain your motives. Go work out now!

Got questions? Ask away. Go work out now!

Hate something? Speak up. Go work out now!

Love something? Indulge yourself in it. Go work out now!

Want something? Get it. Go work out now!

Love someone? Tell them. Go work out now!

Take these tips with a bit of sense of humor, they may make your life easier at one point. Let them teach you how important it is sometimes to focus on your lovely self and spend quality time by working your body out to perfection.

Reason 8. Some more reasons to work out every day

Did you know that healthy physical activity prevents low back pain by increasing muscle strength and improving flexibility? It really is true and it is among other powerful reasons to work out every day without any exception. What is more, evidence exists that regular exercise improves your immune system preventing lots of various ailments. If you exercise regularly, you can even reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer (breast cancer in particular).

Still sitting around on your couch? Go work out now!

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