Side effects of breast augmentation

September 30, 2013 0

Some women want to get breast implants because they dream of bigger breasts. Others need implants for breast asymmetry correction (when their breasts are uneven in size). There are cases when plastic surgery on a woman’s breasts is required for reconstructive purposes after mastectomy. Finding a good surgeon to perform breast augmentation is very important irrespective of your motives of getting breast implants.

Of course, if done properly, breast enlargement can give you fuller breasts shaped just the way you’ve always wanted. However, as with any operation, breast augmentation surgery will most likely make you experience certain not so pleasant risks and potential complications. This post will explain the side effects of breast augmentation that may or may not occur after your breast enhancement surgery. Make sure you discuss them with your surgeon.

side effects of breast augmentation

So here are the potential side effects of breast augmentation:

  • infection: if it occurs, the surgeon usually prescribes antibiotics and recommends the removal of the implant from the affected breast; a new implant can be inserted after 6 months which suggests that you will have to go with uneven breasts for a long period of time
  • numbness: you can read more about loss of sensation after getting breast implants here
  • bruising and swelling: swelling after breast augmentation usually subsides after a few weeks following the surgery
  • hematoma and bleeding: the risk of hematoma is not more than 2%, but you can increase it if you take aspirin or start exercising too soon after the surgery
  • rippling: the skin over your implants may become wavy, like the ripples of a wave when a pebble is dropped into the lake
  • deflation, leakage: when you notice signs of a leaking breast implant, it has most likely started leaking; as a result, you get implant deflation (sudden shrinkage of the affected breast to its preoperative size)
  • implant displacement: after the surgery one of your implants may move out of position; if it moves significantly, then you may need further surgery to correct the situation
side effects of breast implants

Psychological side effects of breast implants are also worth mentioning. One of them is postoperative depression. It can be caused by various problems, one of them being not getting instant satisfaction from the result. Your breasts won’t become absolutely gorgeous right after the operation. You will have to experience bruising, swelling, sometimes even bleeding until everything heals… It’s important to learn more about the procedure and get psychologically prepared.

What are the side effects of silicone implants?

Another risk of breast augmentation is capsular contracture. It’s a scar tissue that appears over the implant, causing it to harden and sometimes even hurt. When capsular contracture occurs, the implant usually looks and feels very foreign on a woman’s body. You should know that in the majority of cases capsular contracture is one of the side effects of silicone implants (it’s not that frequent with saline breast implants).

Also, when it comes to silicone implants, they rupture. In fact, all implants rupture sooner or later, but usually when silicone implants rupture, there are little to no signs of it. So it’s often impossible to tell if your implant has ruptured and is (possibly) traveling to other areas of your body (which is not so good for your health). Because ‘silent’ ruptures occur quite often, women are advised to undergo regular MRI screening.

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