Signs of leaking breast implants

September 29, 2013 0

We’re sure that if you’re seriously considering breast augmentation, you’re aware of the risks with breast implants and the fact that your breast devices will not last forever. According to the researchers, your implants will rupture within twenty years after the surgery. Even if you choose the safest type of implants that don’t leak (gummy bear implants), rupture is inevitable.

You will notice the signs of leaking breast implant when it ruptures. The word ‘leakage’ is especially true about saline implants (they are filled with salt water). However, when it comes to modern silicone implants, the word ‘leakage’ doesn’t apply. Even if your silicone implant ruptures, the gel inside it doesn’t travel to other parts of your body. In the majority of cases it stays inside the implant.

signs of leaking breast implants

Although you will definitely appreciate the pros of gummy bear breast implants (much lower rupture rate, don’t leak etc.), their signs of rupture are not so easily detectable. Leakage is easier to detect in saline implants, while silicone implants are often characterized by the so-called ‘silent rupture’, the one that doesn’t show any symptoms. So what are the signs of leaking breast implants?

How do you know if your breast implants are leaking?

A leak in saline breast implants is easily noticed by a ‘flat tire’ effect (deflation) and a significant reduction in breast size. Other possible signs are change in shape and volume of the breast. If the leakage is caused by a full rupture, the affected breast becomes noticeably smaller than the other one. If your implant is leaking slowly, your breast will become smaller over the course of a few weeks. If you have silicone implants, the signs of leakage are isolated lumps, redness and pain.

Other signs of a leaking breast implant:

  • deformation of the affected breast
  • associated injury
  • tingling sensation in the affected breast
  • swelling in the affected breast
  • numbness in the breast
how do you know if your breast implants are leaking

What about silicone breast devices? How do you know if your breast implants are leaking when they’re silicone gel-filled? Sometimes the only way to detect a ‘silent rupture’ in a gel-filled implant is seeing your surgeon and having him evaluate the case. In the majority of cases surgeons recommend identifying gel implant leakage on a MRI study. You should know that screening MRI studies are advised every 2 years after getting silicone breast implants.

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