What are gummy bear implants?

September 26, 2013 0

Liquid-filled breast implants are relinquishing their positions to the relatively new gummy bear implants. Just like kids at a candy buffet, more women are aimed at getting a type of silicone breast implants that plastic surgeons also call ‘gummy bear’ devices. So what are gummy bear implants and what’s with the funny name? Read more about the pros and cons of gummy bear breast implants here.

Gummy bear implants are also referred to as ‘cohesive gel implants’. They are made of a high-strength silicone gel. Their dense consistency gives them a semi-solid form. As a result, gummy bear implants are very good at maintaining their shape and upright position during a long period of time. Finally there are implants that seem to defy gravity… Kate Upton’s breast secret revealed…

what are gummy bear implants

The term ‘gummy bear’ was coined to define breast implants by Dr. Grand Stevens, a prominent plastic surgeon who participated in an FDA study of these cutting-edge medical devices. Dr. Stevens explained this ‘candy’ nickname by their ability to retain their shape even when cut in half (just like the chewy gummy bear candies). Gummy bear implants keep their shape no matter what.

When nicknaming these implants ‘gummy bears’, Stevens pointed out their natural look and feel compared to other surgical breast enhancement options. He stated that gummy bear breast implants are much safer than other types of implants because they have a reduced rupture and leakage risk. What’s more, unlike saline breast implants, gummy bear implants are less likely to wrinkle.

More benefits of gummy bear breast implants

In our article called Gummy bear implants vs silicone implants you will also read about one very important benefit of ‘gummy bears’. It’s their natural soft feel. The thing is, when saline breast implants are overfilled, they can feel hard. As for gummy bear breast implants, they tend to feel soft and natural. They also look very natural, unlike other types of implants.

Other important benefits of gummy bear breast implants:

  • lower risk of capsular contracture
  • reduced incidence of folds and rippling
  • better, firmer shape
  • last longer (15-20 years)
gummy bear breast implants

Although there are obvious advantages of gummy bear breast implants, they still suggest a complicated surgery. There are certain potential risks with breast implants of this type. For example, because they are more solid and less flexible, they require larger incisions. An important drawback is that gummy bear implants do not yet have a long-term track of data proving their effectiveness and safety. Also gummy bear implants are more expensive than traditional silicone or saline.

Some plastic surgeons provide useful metaphorical comments on the solid ‘jell splash’ made by gummy bear breast implants: ‘You can’t say a Maserati is better than a Jaguar. They’re both great cars that have different characteristics’. By saying this, witty docs mean that if you want to get best breast implants that feel and look natural, you should make finding a surgeon you trust your priority. A good doctor will do what’s most appropriate in your individual situation.

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