What makes you feel tired

August 9, 2012 0

Being too productive and successful at work can make your boss hate you. Being too lazy and yawning in the workplace can make your boss hate you even more. If the second is your case, all you need to care about is how to get rid of your chronic fatigue. Always feeling tired? We’ll tell you about some of the most surprising energy stealers (causes of your tiredness) and let you in on secrets regarding how to boost your drive to keep active.

We get tired because we work too much, exercise too much, dance too much etc. Our energy is sucked by the ultimately pessimistic people we often meet at work or elsewhere. Other obvious causes of fatigue are winter blues, autumn depression, excessive summer heat and more. We recognize all these and try to fight them. But there are energy zappers you haven’t had any idea about. Find out what makes you feel tired in a stealthy way and start battling them nasty energy drainers.

Causes of extreme tiredness

The first two enemies of your energy and motivation are caffeine and processed foods. While you may often turn to caffeine for more energy, it won’t give you any. It sure will stimulate your nervous system which will boost your activity for a short period of time. But it will also increase your stress level and wear your body out. As for processed foods, they overwhelm your liver and kidneys, deprive your body of energy and lead to extreme tiredness.

what makes you feel tired

Some other causes of tiredness are:

  • skipping breakfast: always eat breakfast, it will improve your energy level and metabolism – it’s also one of the healthy eating tips for weight loss
  • sugar: you may feel great after satisfying your sweet tooth, but the energy boost won’t last long. If you want to prevent your sugar cravings, add protein to every meal (boiled eggs, tuna, almonds)
  • working at several different tasks simultaneously: shifting between priorities is exhausting and it won’t improve your overall health let alone your energy focus
  • not cleaning up the mess: if your office desk is cluttered, the dirty truth about it is that you won’t be productive in the working place. Tidy up your life, and soon you’ll feel the energy upswing
causes of extreme tiredness

While it’s advisable that you don’t skip your meals, you shouldn’t make them the centre of your existence either. Eat in moderation, because overeating also makes you weak and tired. Try to eat more often and keep your portion sizes as big as your fist (which is also the size of your stomach). Maybe recent research that says eat less live longer will serve as additional motivation for you to cut down on hamburgers…

Why do I feel weak and tired?

Still feeling weak and tired for no obvious reason? Try working out on a regular basis. Multiple research results show that people who exercise every day are much more energetic than couch potatoes. Exercising outdoors in summer is a great option since it will also refresh you with the vitamin D boost. Make sure you start your work-outs early in the morning to prevent burning your skin.

why do I feel weak and tired

Try not to relax too much. Why? Because most of the things we indulge ourselves in for the purpose of ‘relaxing’ are actually just energy stealers. Watching TV, randomly surfing the web, playing videogames etc. Don’t these things often leave you feeling tired? So our advice here is going for a walk instead of relaxing on the couch. It will successfully recharge your batteries.

What about the worst energy zappers that you’ve experienced? What did you do to fight them?

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