Birthday cakes that look like food – realistic illusion!

September 3, 2013 0

Sometimes there’s more to food than meets the eye. For example, what looks like a usual meal is in reality a cake with some skilful camouflaging decoration. Lyuba Zlatkova, a self-taught cake decorator from Bulgaria, has more than 5 years of decorating behind her. She is the author of the amazing designs below.

If you’ve already looked through some of the best cake ideas on, you’ve probably seen a few amazingly decorated desserts. However, what you’ll see in this post will definitely take your breath away. Here are 4 desserts that look like other food – how’s that for a realistic cake?

BBQ Cake – crispy or sweet?

cake that looks like food

Steak with Vegetables – misleadingly mouth-watering

birthday cakes that look like food

A Closer look – now that’s attention to detail!

cakes that look like real food

Vegetable Soup Cake – such a lovely birthday present

desserts that look like other food

Noodles with White Sauce Cake – it’s all made of fondant!

realistic food cakes

Lyuba created the last cake for her son’s birthday. The boy loved his favorite meal in such a creative disguise.

Lyuba does all kinds of desserts: her beautiful wedding cake ideas are like a breath of fresh air, her amazing kids cakes are so realistic and sweet. Our team was particularly impressed by her realistic food cakes – they look exactly like foods and dishes they are intended to mimic.

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