Cheshire Cat cake ideas

November 10, 2012 1

If you are amazed and intrigued by one of the most charming characters Alice meets up during her adventures in Wonderland, we’ll easily guess it’s the Cheshire Cat. He’s whimsical and fun, and he’s a perfect character to use when baking (or ordering) a unique cake.

If you special-order a Cheshire Cat cake at a nice bakery, the sweet masterpiece for your birthday (or any other occasion) will look amazing. It will leave you and your guests grinning just like the Cheshire Cat himself! There are tons of Cheshire Cat cake ideas and representations.

cheshire cat cake

Your custom-made Cheshire Cat cake can include:

  • only the cake-size Cheshire Cat: flat or 3D, with his grinning face or the whole body captured in a sweet masterpiece
  • other Wonderland characters placed on the cute topsy-turvy cakes
  • Cheshire Cat along with accessories associated with Wonderland: Mad Hatter’s hat, teacup from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, mushrooms, White Rabbit’s pocket watch
cheshire cat cake ideas

There are also really cute Cheshire Cat cake toppers and other Cheshire Cat cake accessories. Your wedding cake with a supercute Cheshire Cat topper will look absolutely unique. Your Cheshire Cat cake can be really lovely and sweet-looking or scary and somewhat creepy (from the videogame titled “Alice Madness Returns”).

Cheshire Cat birthday cake

Your Cheshire Cat cake can be used for a variety of occasions: birthday, wedding, Halloween at home or at work, kids’ buffet or themed party. You can also order custom-made Cheshire Cat cupcakes which come in many original forms, styles, sizes and colors. Find dozens of great Cheshire Cat cup cake ideas in one of our other posts.

cheshire cat birthday cake

If you have enough time and skill, you can bake and decorate your Cheshire Cat birthday cake at home. You may need a special pan for this. The Cheshire Cat shows up and disappears at will, speaks in amusing riddles and annoys Alice with his cryptic philosophical speeches. Read some of the Cheshire Cat quotes here and don’t forget to watch this appealing feline in motion.

cheshire cat cake for birthday

Just like the charming fictional character from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the delicious Cheshire Cat shaped cake for your birthday party will most likely disappear in a flash – at your and your guests’ sweet-toothed will! Your custom Cheshire Cat cake will definitely be one of your best birthday presents: yummy, gorgeous and absolutely unique!

Cheshire Cat cakes: ideas and pictures

Below you will find some more Cheshire Cat cake ideas. They are home-made and custom Cheshire Cat cakes that will grab your attention for sure. If you want to make a Cheshire Cat shaped cake without having to mold the feline for hours, feel free to use a cat shaped pan.

cheshire cat cakes

You will also need to ice your cake in purple, and then cover the purple in pink stripes. Of course, that special grin with all of the teeth should be added for the real and true Cheshire Cat effect. You can pay special attention to detail and add some Wonderland accessories to your cake.

Some more Cheshire Cat cake ideas for you:

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