Cheshire Cat cake topper

November 24, 2012 1

If you’re planning a themed party (Alice in Wonderland), you need an exclusive cake. If you want unique decoration for your Wonderland-themed cake or cupcakes, a cute Cheshire Cat cake topper will be a perfect fit. Cheshire Cat shaped cake toppers look amazing on birthday and wedding cakes.

If you want your corporate party to have a special, original flavor, you will love our Cheshire Cat cake ideas and accessories. Cheshire Cat is a mysterious character whose charm and slightly weird appeal are very intriguing. Cheshire Cat cake toppers aren’t expensive, so you can definitely afford one, along with the custom-made cake.

cheshire cat cake topper

There are Cheshire Cat cake toppers for kids’ parties, corporate events and themed wedding receptions. When you purchase an incredibly cute Cheshire Cat cake topper, make sure that it will suit the style of the cake and the atmosphere of the upcoming party. Your event planner can give you useful tips on making your accessories fuse with the party.

Cheshire Cat wedding cake toppers

The adorable Cheshire Cat wedding cake toppers below will become great accessories for a themed reception party of any kind: outdoor and indoor, big and small, in spring, summer, autumn and in winter. If you’re looking for unique wedding cake toppers with themed elements, Cheshire Cat shaped toppers are perfect for you.

cheshire cat wedding cake toppers
cheshire cat cake toppers

Read Cheshire Cat quotes here and make the most of the feline philosophically cryptic advice. Find more Cheshire Cat cake toppers in the video below:

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  1. mistydawn April 6, 2013 at 7:27 am -

    These cake toppers are so lovely. Thank you for helping me choose the theme for my party ;)