Best prenatal exercises

July 26, 2013 0

There are a lot of benefits of exercising while pregnant: it balances your emotional state, betters your sleep quality, and relieves your multiple pregnancy discomforts. However, you should remember to play it smart by always engaging in safe (and doctor-supervised) activities. Today we’ll tell you about some of the great prenatal exercises to ease labor and help you get your body back after pregnancy.

The following cardiovascular activities are usually the safest for pregnant women. However, make sure you consult your doctor before you practice them, especially during the last several months of your pregnancy.

best prenatal exercises
  • swimming: a lot of expectant moms ask themselves one and the same question: Can I swim while pregnant? The answer to it is usually yes. In fact, most healthcare providers consider swimming to be the best prenatal exercise for its huge strength training and cardio benefits
  • dancing: you can choose making a dancing DVD your exercise instructor or signing up to a dance class. The golden rule here is to avoid activities that require quick directional changes, pivoting turns, or jumping
  • walking: it’s one of the safest workouts for expectant moms of all different fitness levels; walking won’t do any harm to your knees and ankles; you can walk wherever you want without any schedule restrictions; any walking exercise for pregnant women is safe throughout all 9 months of pregnancy
best prenatal exercise

If you want to concentrate at strengthening and toning your body during pregnancy, the following flexibility and strength exercise routines are considered to be the best:

  • yoga practice: is yoga good for pregnant women? Yes, it sure is. It keeps your body flexible and fit without any risk to your joints; if you want to get your heart pumping, make sure you supplement your yoga training with other forms of activity like swimming or walking
  • weight lifting: lifting weights during pregnancy is okay, especially if weight training has been included into your regular fitness routine for some time already; consult your doctor, because in the majority of cases healthcare providers will recommend expectant moms to reduce the amount of weight they’re lifting and avoid rapid movements
  • stretching: it keeps your body flexible and prevents muscle tension; take your cardio training to the next level by enhancing it with a good stretching routine

Now that you’re aware of the best prenatal exercises that are safe for you and your baby, make sure you enhance your routine with a few pregnancy workout essentials. First, choose comfortable sports footwear for your activity. Second, opt for the well-fitting bra that gives you good support and feels comfortable. Third, remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day. If you’re a working expectant mom, discuss the following office chair exercises with your doctor.

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