Can you exercise during pregnancy?

June 7, 2013 0

Can pregnant women exercise? Yes, definitely. This rule has a few exceptions though. Generally exercising during pregnancy is safe, if done correctly and backed by the go-ahead from your doctor. What is more, health benefits of exercise for pregnant women are very significant. Working out gets you ready for labor and childbirth. It also helps you stay in good shape and lifts your mood.

Your pregnancy workout program depends on whether you’re naturally physically active or not. Are you the fitness fan type? Then in the majority of cases you can go on with your regimen during pregnancy. If you’re the comfy couch fan, you will need a workout program for newbies. In either case, you have to be very careful when exercising during pregnancy. Follow the rules below if you want to keep your baby safe.

can you exercise during pregnancy

Although you can exercise while pregnant, do the following before you start:

  • make sure you’re aware of the types of exercises to avoid during pregnancy
  • concentrate at the best prenatal exercises
  • ask your doctor if you can exercise during pregnancy: it’s important, because if you have pregnancy complications, certain exercises can put your baby at risk
  • let your healthcare provider monitor your weight and make sure you eat well while you’re pregnant and exercising: healthy eating tips for women who are pregnant differ from the ones to-be practiced by our non-pregnant sisters
  • make sure you wear comfortable clothes before you start your exercising session: you don’t want your tight clothes to prevent you from breathing
  • always warm up before exercising
  • drink a lot of water before, during and after your workout: dehydration can lead to contractions and dangerously high temperature

While exercising, make sure you avoid lying flat on your back (especially after the first trimester) and standing in one place for long periods of time. It will make you dizzy, short of breath, or nauseated. Switch positions, move around and walk in place. Remember one important rule for exercising while pregnant: stop or slow down if you can’t easily keep up a conversation.

can pregnant women exercise

Some more tips for your pregnancy exercise sessions:

  • avoid getting overheated (that feeling when you’re uncomfortably warm and short of breath): it can harm your baby, especially during the first trimester
  • avoid getting up from the floor too quickly: it can cause you to lose balance and fall
  • just like with a good warmup, make sure you cool down after the workout: let your heart rate slow down gradually

Try to exercise on a regular basis. Because if you interrupt long periods of couch-potato’ing with irregular spurts of physical activity you can do harm to your body and your baby. Make pregnant exercising your healthy habit. And never hesitate to stop if you are nauseated, dizzy, overheated or experiencing any other dangerous signs. Make sure you read about lifting weights during pregnancy here.

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