Exercises to help with labor and ease pain

July 26, 2013 0

How your labor will progress is hard to tell. No one – not your healthcare provider, your midwife or even your mom – can tell you for sure how long your labor will last and how bad the pain will be. Luckily, you can take charge of your health and get all the benefits exercising while pregnant brings. Today we’ll teach you how to make the most of the best exercises to help labor and childbirth go smoothly.

The first exercise for easy labor is called Kegels. This exercise strengthens your pelvic floor muscles which can help you greatly throughout the delivery. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles boosts blood flow to your vaginal and rectal area, preventing hemorrhoids. Also Kegel exercises enhance healing after injuries that can occur during childbirth.

exercises to help ease labor

You can practice Kegels anywhere – sitting at your office desk, watching your favorite soap opera at home, even standing in line at a local grocery store… Here’s how to do Kegels:

  • contract your pelvic floor muscles as if to interrupt urination
  • hold for 4 seconds, then relax
  • repeat 10-15 times, working up to 5 sets a day

More on Kegels from HowtoMomTV.com:

Another exercise for easy labor is squats. Although it’s not the most flattering position, squatting is a great way to help labor and delivery. This type of exercise tones your thighs and opens your pelvis. Watch the video below with Angela Parker from ModernMom telling you how beneficial squatting is for an expectant mommy. She’ll also teach you how to perform prenatal squatting correctly.

Another great exercise to help you ease labor is pelvic tilts. It’s also called Cat-Cow. It’s one of the best prenatal exercises since it is aimed at strengthening your abdominal muscles and easing your pains during pregnancy and labor. Below is the video with the OhBabyFitness senior instructor Kathleen Donahoe demonstrating how to perform prenatal pelvic tilts correctly.

The last (but not the least) workout in today’s set of exercises to ease labor is the so-called Cobbler’s pose or Bound Angle Pose (they also call it Baddha Konasana in Yoga). If you’re wondering if yoga is good for pregnant women or not, this exercise can clear all your doubts. Cobbler’s pose improves your posture, eases lower back pain and prepares you well for childbirth. Watch our yoga expert April Kirkhart showing you how to do this exercise in the video below.

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