My baby gets fussy when eating

September 7, 2012 0

Every mother knows that feeding a toddler is a messy business. My baby gets fussy while eating is a problem most parents can relate to. Crying, tantrums, pickiness, fear of new foods and other issues can stand in the way of encouraging your little darling to eat well.

If you have failed to motivate your kid to enjoy his meals, try one more thing. Turn on the music or let him watch a music video on Youtube while eating. If your kid has a favorite tune, try letting him listen to it when eating. Studies have shown that playing music during feeding relaxes your little one and can healthily trick him into eating.

But who needs research and statistics! The video below shows it all.

This charming baby gets fussy when eating and calms down only when his daddy turns on his favorite tune with music video. What can we say? Doctors do know how to get fussy kids to eat, but an attentive and wise parent often knows it much better. The adorable video above is the living proof of it.

my baby gets fussy while eating

Does your baby get fussy when eating? All you have to do now is pick the right song/music video and show it to your kid. Make sure you let your baby swallow his first mouthful though, because the guy in the video feeds his baby boy Benjamin a bit too fast…

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